Wilson's Retreat Hotel

Bar et Cuisine


Discover the vibrant flavors of the world's largest archipelago.

Inspired by the region’s culinary wealth, Wilson’s offers delectable local dishes and seafood that
embody the richness of Indonesian culinary tradition, flavors and spices. We prepare our menu
with only natural, authentic tastes of the spices and herbs that Indonesia is known for.

We can serve you on the premises of our beautiful open-air restaurant or
even directly on the beach for a romantic candle lit evening bathed by the
sound of the lapping waves.


Come and savor an ice cold margarita whilst cooling yourself off at Wilson’s
pool, chill out with a Mojito which Hemingway would be proud of whilst
enjoying the enchanting view on the beach as the sun sets over Bali’s
volcano or enjoy one of our large selection of wines to accompany your
gourmet diner at Wilson’s Cuisine. We take pride in the fact that all of our
fantastic cocktails are made with only premium quality branded spirits.